Do you offer a smaller band?

Hi all,  hope everyone’s well :) We are often asked if we offer a smaller band… Well It’s not always an easy question to answer.  

The thing is, when we set this band up the dream was to have a full horn section playing both the iconic horn lines in many of the songs, but also doing new and exciting things to songs that dont have a horn part already written. Why? Because they sound soooo fat! I love soul, funk, blues and all sorts of music and those genres really shine when there’s an exciting horn section playing some fat riffs and funky stabs. You just can’t beat it.

Many of the songs we do would sound empty without the various horn parts. No-one would expect us to play without a guitar, so why are the sax, trumpet & trombone so easy to scrap? Think of the intro to Soul man, I bet you can’t imagine it without that fast horn part, or imagine respect without that sax solo – they’re integral parts of the songs. We could play without the horns but many times we just choose not to go without. We want to sound as good as possible and we put in a lot of work to make it all sound tight and full. At full compliment there are 9 of us – that takes some arranging to make sure it doesn’t just sound a mess.  Our guitarist Adrian spends a lot of long late nights charting everything out to perfection just so that we can be the band we want to be. The Blues brothers wouldn’t play without Mr. Fabulous Alan Rubin, who sadly passed away last year, (it’s one of the best scenes in an amazing movie when they try to recruit him in the restaurant – classic) so we choose not to play too often without our guys.

So, if we look torn when you ask if we play as a smaller band it’s simply because there is a great legacy of horn players in classic and modern funk and soul. Check out Marvin playing live, or Aretha, or Sam and Dave – always a full horn section. Beyonce tours with a horn section and uses them to great effect live. I love the sound of the horns riffing away over a groove – it can’t be beat. You can take any 3, 4 or 5 piece, who might be excellent at what they do, but if they’re playing any funk or soul I bet that you notice the gap. So if you’re booking a band for a party go the extra mile and choose one who can recreate those classic tunes the way they should be done :)  

Of course if horn players learned the music instead of sight reading we’d love them even more…. But part of love is accepting the other parties faults :)

If you like horn players then check out trombone shorty, big sams funky nation, kermit ruffins, hot 8, soul rebels, mad caddies for some ska, cherry poppin daddies for some swing… 

We’re at the Winevaults in Thursday 28th June, come and have a drink with us and a boogie.


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