A few recent gigs

How is everyone? I thought I’d write a little blog about some recent gigs that we’ve had, and some that are coming up.

We’ve been busy recently and we’ve got bookings every weekend for the next 5 weekends after this one! Times are good in the Fat cat camp, if a little busy :) .

A few weeks ago we took a trip down to Littlesea holiday park in Weymouth.  Oh man did it rain!! It rained all the way there, all evening, and all the way home!  It rained so much that their swimming pool flooded!  I kid you not – there was water gushing in and the water level of the pool rose at least a foot.  They were meant to be hosting an event in a marquee but that had to be moved indoors, which moved us into the onsite pub.  The opening act (a vocalist) got stuck in the rain and couldn’t make it, so we followed a last minute draft in vocalist singing mainly to families eating.  The guy is the manager of the Papa John’s pizza stall there. He did an amazing job stepping in at the last minute and getting everyone in the mood.  We then went on and, after everyone had finished eating, had a busy dancefloor including a 118 man and a “where’s Wally”!  We also had a few ladies dancing, one of which who took a shine to one of our horn section… I won’t say who and embarrass them…. but it’s not the girl, the Indian, or the trombone player… ;) … (sorry Pete.. I mean sorry mystery horn player).

All the people who work there are legends! They really worked hard to make sure that the evening was seemless, despite the torrential rains and flooding.  We got the gig through the lovely guys at Sonic Artists Ltd – God bless ‘em, and hope to get a few more down that way. If you don’t know Sonic Artists then check them out: http://sonicartists.com/

Next we did our usual stint at the Winevaults in Albert Road.  An awesome evening and perhaps one of our busiest there to date. I love it when the whole room is dancing and singing.  We’ve hoping to be back there again soon – watch this space.

We then played for the berth holders party at Haslar Marina.  What a fantastic crowd!  They were brilliant and danced most of the night, even with a stomach full of delicious BBQ food!  Haslar put on a party to remember and everyone who works there were so friendly. We were properly looked after by the good folks there and are really keen to head back again next year.

So coming up we are returning to the Bear at Home’s beer festival in North Moreton, Oxford.  Last year we had a day of sunshine, good beer, BBQ food and music. It was legend….ary.  We’re a lucky band to be so well looked after wherever we go. I’m seriously looking forward to it again and it looks like the weather will have improved in time as well.  Yes!!  http://www.moretonbeerandcricket.co.uk/SAT.html

After that we are then playing a charity gig on Hayling Island – Saturday night live.  Headlined by Superhero we are playing one of the early slots in the evening.  Should be a great night – look it up and come along! http://www.hicca.co.uk/

As always keep an eye on the website for what’s coming up.  Hope to see you at a gig sometime soon!  Come and say hi to us, have a chat and a beer.

All the best :)

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